SSFF 2013 | Seattle’s Largest Night Market | Cal Anderson Park

The Seattle Street Food festival is bringing the top outdoor showcase of authentic street food curbside in Capitol Hill’s Cal Anderson Park this August. Kicking off our first year, the festival is bringing a urban night market that allows attendees to enjoy the great summer weather underneath the stars.

The Seattle Street Food Festival will happen Saturday, August 10, from 3 to 11 and include more than 50 food vendors. Reiter doesn’t want to name names just yet, but says about 10 or 15 of these will be food trucks. “It’s an idea for this big food court that’s really more of an authentic bite of Seattle,” says Reiter. “There’s going to be a lot of diverse food.”

He’s envisioning a picnic-style setup that takes on a night market feel after the sun goes down; he’s been working with the Capitol Hill Chamber and Cal Anderson Park Alliance to nail down the proposed location on the park’s east side, along 11th Avenue between Pine and Howell streets.

The festival will also include a separate pop-up diner area in conjunction with the One Night Only Project, where brick-and-mortar chefs will be serving up family-style food. So far Joshua Henderson and Ethan Stowell are signed on to participate. (Skillet founder Henderson now considered a brick-and-mortar chef? How time marches on.) Proceeds will go to the chefs’ designated charities.

Traditionally, it brings together a collection of stalls that usually sell goods such as fruit, vegetables, snacks, toys, clothes, movie discs and ornaments at cheap or at least reasonable prices. A pasar malam often takes place only one to a few days of the week, as the traders rotate around different neighbourhoods on different days of the week. Haggling over prices is a common practice at such markets.

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