Food Truck Spotlight: GLUTEN GOOD NEWS! I LOVE MY GFF Joins the Mobile Food Rodeo

Over the past year, many attendees have longed and even demanded a menu of gluten-free food options at the Mobile Food Rodeo. With over 45 tasty choices, it can be hard to navigate your way through and enjoy without knowing what is ACTUALLY GLUTEN FREE…until now. Local Food truck(okay cart) I LOVE MY GFF is the good news you have been waiting for and will be on-site at this year’s Rodeo in South Lake Union.

Their menu screams incredibly fresh and wholesome, but don’t let that fool ya, their fiesta bowls pack a ton of flavor and delicious ingredients for you nom nom nom in South Lake Union. We are pleased to have them in attendance and sure their line will be long.

Here’s a great article by Seattle Weekly’s Voracious blog that shares a bit more about their story!

Stay tuned for our Gluten Free Guide to this year’s Rodeo on Friday!


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