Carpool it! Spend $2 and Park All Day in Any Standard Parking Lot in South Lake Union

As we loosen our belts and plan  to avoid shopping the weekend grocery shop in lieu of Saturday’s big snack-a-thon known as the Mobile Food Rodeo, we are left with one big question…HOW WILL I GET THERE?

Depending on where you live, some may walk, some may bus, but a few of us are left with driving to the big feast. So for you drivrs, we have created a handy, easy-to-use transportation page  that can save you money and easy to join us.

If you haven’t hung out in South Lake Union on a weekend, then you might not know that you can park all day for just $2 in any of the 30 Standard Parking lots throughout the area. Click here for list and directions

What makes South Lake Union such an extraordinary neighborhood is that it’s one of the few places in Seattle where the entire approach to transportation, sustainability, recreation, and what-goes-where has been thought through. It’s a recipe that’s yielded an exceptionally livable, walkable, hospitable place.

There is plenty to do every weekend in beautiful,  downtown South Lake Union from shopping and dining to outdoor activities. We look forward to celebrating this amazing community at the Mobile Food Rodeo.


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