Djung on Wheels, One of Four New Food Trucks Set to Debut Curbside

Photo Courtesy of Seattle Food

Now that Bumbershoot is over and we slowly settle back into school and work, it appears that summer is still going strong.

In less than two weeks; the largest food truck festival in the United States returns to Seattle in South Lake Union with free admission and over 45 tasty food choices.

Whether your a seasoned veteran of street food or simply new to the whole dining curbside culture in Seattle, the Mobile Food Rodeo is your “one-stop-truck stop” to get fed and see the top 45 trucks featuring international cuisine from 20 countries

With new trucks weekly, the Rodeo is the perfect place to try a bit of everything and find your favorite new trucks.

Like all of us, you gave your “go-to’s” from the addictive poutine at Skillet, the shrimp gumbo at Jemil’s Big Easy to the Max and Cheese and pulled pork sandwiches from the assault pig, Maximus Minimus. But if you are craving a new flavor, then we got four new mobile haunts to get your tummy growling.We are proud to announce the following new trucks will be participating in our September 15th festival in South Lake Union.

XPLOSIVE – FILIPINO & VIETNAMESE  Dish of Choice: Although we haven’t seen the official menu, here is a few exciting dishes to look for like adobo chicken fried rice with an over-easy egg on top or the banh mi sliders called Grenades—so flavorful they “blow up in your mouth,” says Romano.

SANTI’S KITCHEN- INDONESIAN – Dish of Choice: The Nasi Kuning, a dish commonly eaten at breakfast time in the East Borneo region of Indonesia, made me want to book a ticket to Southeast Asia post haste. The tender chicken with a big ol’ serving of yellow turmeric coconut rice mixed with a spicy orange-red sauce is a winner. I massacred my dish, leaving only the hard-boiled egg as a witness to warn other dishes I was coming.

DJUNG ON WHEELS – THAIDish of Choice: The Garlic Delight: Garlic Chicken is a Thai street dish that has become popular at Thai restaurants across North America. Served with chicken, fresh garlic sautéed with Thai soy sauce and black pepper. Served on a bed of stri-fired mixed vegetables .

FALAFEL SALAM – MIDDLE EASTERNDish of Choice: Falafel is a nutritious and delicious Middle Eastern street food. Our gourmet falafel is made of Fava & Garbanzo beans mixed with fresh herbs and traditional spices. Using a special scoop It is formed into balls which are fried golden brown. GLUTEN FREE 


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