JUST ADDED: Seattle’s Newest Truck Xplosive Debuts at Mobile Food Rodeo in September

It has been one of the most anticipated food trucks to hit curbside dining in the Seattle area. We first met the Cathy and Romano Basilio, the husband-wife duo at the Fremont Sunday Market pod launch and talked briefly about their new food truck, Xplosive underway.

We are pleased to announce that XPLOSIVE will be our final food truck announced at the Mobile Food Rodeo at this year’s South Lake Union festival. They will be creating a special menu for hungry foodies to take a culinary tour of their new truck cuisine prices at just $10. If you purchased a VIF ticket, then you have a chance to be one of 10 lucky pass holders to win the chance to eat for free at Xplosive on Saturday, September 15th and be one of the first to eat their tasty cuisine starting at 10am (VIF ONLY) until 8pm…or until they run out of food.

The Xplosive truck will specialize in Filipino fused with Vietnamese (a combo of the couple’s roots). Menu items they’ve mentioned are the sweet sausage longanisa, sardines, beef steak, tofu, and lemongrass pork or chicken, available in foot-long banh mi, corn tortillas, or vermicelli bowls. Others may include banh xeo, or Vietnamese crepe, fresh spring rolls, adobo-style buffalo wings, or adobo chicken fried rice with an over-easy egg on top. Oh, and banh mi sliders called Grenades—so flavorful they “blow up in your mouth,” says Romano.

Buy your tickets today and see you at the Rodeo!


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