Download the Food Network’s EAT ST. Mobile App & Get Truckin’ at the Rodeo

Download  Eat Street App 

For those in search of the perfect mobile food fulfillmentyour mobile side kick is here with the new Eat Street app! The Mobile Food Rodeo has teamed up with the Food Network’s Popular show to create a unique event page featuring all of the participating trucks, menus and yes, even a easy-to-follow Twitter feed for those interested in staying social this Sunday!

Even after the Mobile Food Rodeo is over, stay plugged in with their GPS locator function that helps you locate the nearest local food truck in Seattle or any other city, while traveling hungry.

New to the show? Eat St. Season 3 returns for a delectable journey to 60 new over-the-top street food vendors across North America and the UK. From habanero jelly and pork shoulder doughnuts in Austin to a three patty “Whole Truck” burger in Calgary, Eat St. Season 3 is a full course meal of the tastiest and messiest street food around. Watch the TV Series, explore Eat St. onlineand download our accompanying Mobile App.


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