EAT FOR FREE? Sign up on Level Up & Get Up to $80 in Free Mobile Food This Sunday.

EAT FOR FREE? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, Level Up wants to treat Seattle to the ultimate mobile foodie experience this Sunday.

LevelUp is a better way to pay. But it’s more than just that. LevelUp is an entirely new way for local businesses & consumers to connect, including placing an order at local food trucks.

What’s better? Skip the ATM fees altogether and don’t get stuck without any money at the Mobile Food Rodeo. Just sign up for Level Up.

Sign up for Level Up and Get Ready to Eat. Join Now and download the mobile app for iPhone and Android to take advantage of this deal.

ARE YOU A VIF? Level Up is treating all of our VIF Express ticket holders to a unbelievably tasty deal for a limited time offer by offering them up to $85 worth of free food.

Say what, $25 in free food, technically you could eat a $80 worth of food? If you can eat that much. Yes, every VIF Ticket holder will receive $5 toward at each participating Level Up Food truck (see list below) from 10am – 12pm as part of your entrance. Purchase a VIF Express Ticke to receive a $5 credit at each participating Level Up food truck (see list for details) ONLY during the two hour VIF event from 10am-12pm.

How Does it Work? 1. Stand in Line 2. Pick the Snack. 3. Order 4. Scan Level Up app at Checkout. That’s it? That’s it. Drop by Jemil’s Big East to get $5 off their cuisine, snack, then drop by Happy Grillmore to get an additional $5 at their truck. Your mission, if your choose to accept itDoesn’t get any better than that, right? So now the question is….how big is your hunger?

Didn’t buy a VIF badge? No problem, you’re not being left out of the deal. Starting at 12, every new customer for Level Up receives a $10 credit for your first meal to get you started. It’s simple and cost you nothing, unless you eat. Still want buy a VIF ticket? There’s just a few left, so purchase a VIF Express Ticket

Participating 2012 Food Truck with Level Up Payment Processing

Jemil’s Big Easy, Contigo, Off the Rez, Crisp Creperie, Kaosamai, HappyGrillmore, Tuscan Pizza, BUNS, CurryNow, BigFood Athenas, TokyoDog, Fusion on the Run, Rolling Q, Lumpia world, Bistro Box, and the Jerk Stat

Sign up now at Level Up and see you Sunday, May 6th.


2 responses to “EAT FOR FREE? Sign up on Level Up & Get Up to $80 in Free Mobile Food This Sunday.

  1. Hm, 16 x 5 = 80. How do you get $85? Math is not my forte so maybe I’m missing something.

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