Are You a VIF? Skip the Long Lines in Style with Our Limited-Edition Tote Bag Packed with Swag

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Are you a die-hard mobile foodie? Do you find yourself waiting in the parking lot before the arrive?  Do crave Skillet’s Bacon Jam or salivate at the thought of Molly Moon’s Salted Caramel Ice Cream? If so, then we have a great deal for you for just $25!
If you  joined the Mobile Food Rodeo last year, you probably remember all of the tasty food and yes, it comes with the territory… super long lines. SKIP THE LINES ON SUNDAY! Grab a VIF Experience Express pass and be part of our 2-hour private event limited to 500 lucky folks. Plus get a swanky, limited-edition Mobile Food Rodeo Tote Bag & tons of swag to boot for just $25.

This year, we have made our VIF Express Pass much easier and vastly improved for our May 6th event by extending the private event from a one hour tasting event to a relaxing 2 hour stroll.

This snack-a-thon offer zero lines (okay, about 12 people per line) and all that tasty food to brunch and browse at the 2012 Mobile Food Rodeo before the rush.


VIF Express Ticket Package Includes:

(1) Admission to Seattle Met’s VIF Experience Express 2 HOUR Event (Limited to 500 people)

(1) Commorative VIF Badge and Lanyard
(1) Limited-Edition, Mobile Food Rodeo Tote Bag  (Value $20)
(1) Free Uber Ride to the Rodeo with 50% Off Return Trip with Registration (Value $65) 
(1) Complimentary Seattle Met Magazine (Value $4.95)
(1) Free Trophy Cupcake Coupon (Value $3.85)
(1) Limited-Editions Cowboy Badge (Value $5.00)
(1) Vitamin Water Beverage Bottle 
(1) Pop Chips Bag 

Skip the lines at this year’s Mobile Food Rodeo? Save time, money and spend your Sunday at the Rodeo hanging out in the beer garden, not hungry and at the back of the line all day long.


2 responses to “Are You a VIF? Skip the Long Lines in Style with Our Limited-Edition Tote Bag Packed with Swag

  1. Why are you taunting us with descriptions of Marination’s Kobi Beef sliders, yet they’re not even listed among the participating trucks?

    • Sorry for any confusion. We are talking about your dedication and support of some of the best trucks in Seattle year round. Marination is one of those irresistible food trucks and most recognizable. We have never made mentioned that they are coming, but we wish they would. Apparently their catering keeps them very busy and not available in May.

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