Local Spotlight: Fremont Mischief Distillery

The Mobile Food Rodeo is proud to team up with one of the Northwest’s premium craft distilleries, Fremont Mischief to host the Zagat Pioneer Lounge on Sunday May 6thTaste, discover and relax while you chow down at the beautiful, hand-crafted urban lodge; tucked away overlooking the scenic, Fremont Canal this May.

Zagat will be hosting their annual Zagat Survey: Restaurant and Attractions with chances to win a variety of foodie-inspired rewards including their 2012 Zagat Guides, Trophy Cupcakes, Skillet Street Food,  Dry Soda and other Zagat swag. Swing by, review and win some amazing Zagat swag perfect for your summer picnic this year. Its simple, fun and it’s free. For contest details, click here

“If you believe in judging a book by its cover then you will love Fremont Mischief Distillery. Not only is the façade and décor steampunk meets speakeasy, but the spirits are just as beautifully created and pleasing to the senses. A family founded and run distillery, Mischief is quickly becoming a bustling hub within the Center of the Universe, commonly known as Fremont.

Explore Mischief's stunning tasting room open weekly

Using organic, local grains, Mischief strives to hand craft the best spirits possible. Currently, you can find us distilling two rye whiskies, a soft winter wheat vodka, and a botanical gin. Visit the tasting room and indulge in samples of our spirits while exploring where the mischief is made. Creating spirits has also allowed us to be able to give back to those who make our freedoms possible. Working with the Freedom Isn’t Free Foundation we have created our Solider Commemorative Whiskey ingeniously named Carry the Lantern.

Each lantern has a personalized dog tag representing a fallen or wounded soldier and a portion of the proceeds benefits these families. Enjoy some whiskey while making a difference. We are more than a distillery…Mischief is a place for friends and strangers alike to assemble and have a great time.

For future event rental inquires or news on upcoming events, visit their website at www.fremontmischief.com where the Mischief continues.


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