This Weekend at the Fremont Market: The Return of Maximus Minimus


The Mobile Food Rodeo is proud to announce that our Mobile Food Corral will be returning to the Fremont Sunday Market every Sunday.

The Mobile Food Rodeo Corral this weekend, welcomes the return of the much-anticipated, Maximus – Minimus! Seattle’s steel pig marks the return of spring with its beloved pulled pork sliders and slaw machine for market-goers on the streets after their winter hiatus.

Recently we have had the debut of Seattle’s newest food trucks at the Mobile Food Rodeo – Corral, Crisp Creperie & Tokyo Dog. Crisp Creperie brings top-shelf ingredients in exquisitely crafted crepes to Seattle using fresh ingredients sourced both locally in Washington and from independently owned farms around the world.

Tokyo Dog brings Japanese style hot dogs to the streets with delicious franks and gourmet buns covered in a seaweed topping. Tokyo Dog will be returning this weekend and both of these trucks will be back for our Spring Mobile Food Rodeo on May 6th!

We look forward to celebrating more food truck debuts with the Fremont Sunday Market this summer with a rotation of top food trucks at the west end by Theo Chocolate building.

This weekend we have a brand new food truck, Rolling Q! Join us this Sunday, April 15, and try some Authentic Texas BBQ and Down Home southern cooking. Rollin Q is full of family recipes that are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients! Come help up celebrate the newest food truck in town and delight in BBQ that comes with a Texas stamp of approval!

We also have Charlie’s Buns N’ Stuff this weekend where you can get your all-American eats with a tasty twist!

They create burgers with local, high quality, organic ingredients that pack a flavorful punch! There’s always something for everyone at the Fremont Sunday Market. So bring your family, friends and neighbors down for a Sunday stroll and get your grub on


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