2012 Food Truck Spotlight: Hallava Falafel

It’s that time of year again in Seattle, as the weather begins to warm up, the flowers begin to bloom…and oh yes, there’s that insatiable, growing voice in your tummy reminding you there is another Mobile Food Rodeo on the horizon!

Its a new year, so expect new food wagons to join our truck rally starting this May 6th in Fremont! Our first feature food truck is one of the early pioneers of Seattle’s street food culture and arguably the best, damn falafel in the northwest hands down.

Halláva Falafel is not a middle eastern, nor mediterranean food truck. More accurately it would be described as a Russo-Turkic truck. Most of our recipes, not to mention our brand of customer service come from the Motherland and Central Asia.

This year they have a new catering truck to feed your hunger for your next office party, reunion or backyard pool party! Hit up the Halláva Falafel gang up and support local. 

OUR TOP PICKS (although all are worth top mention)

Falafel Sandwich

Homemade crispy falafel served with our Russian red relish, spinach and cabbage mix, tzatziki or tahini sauce, wild Armenian pickle, and our super secret spice mix. Served in a warm pocketless pita.


Uzbeki fried pastry stuffed with lamb and beef. Served with cabbage and tzatziki.


Super awesome double fried french fries. Served with tzatziki or tahini.


The beginnings of Halláva Falafel came to be in July of 2006. The mission was three-fold.

The first was to create a street food scene that provided quality food at a reasonable price not only in Seattle but specifically in our neighborhood of Georgetown where it was virtually impossible to eat lunch for under ten bucks.

The second was to create a high quality falafel, like that found in Israel and Lebanon and Spain to name a few. The finer points of falafel are often overlooked in Seattle. Our falafel is awesome, but it is not ‘our own take on it’, nor is it ‘untraditional’ nor ‘Americanised’. Much like a taco, a falafel sandwich can be served with most anything you want.

Thirdly, while we enjoy eating at various taco trucks as much as anyone, maybe more, we wanted to open the eyes of the people of Seattle. We wanted to show them that foods trucks can be clean, diverse, and serve more than just Mexican food. Food trucks can increase the allure of any neighborhood they serve, provided the food is on par.


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