2012 Dates Announced for April 28th and September 15th. Twice the Trucks and Yes, even Booze Garden!

Okay folks, it may be winter, but Seattle Met’s Chris Werner is hoping to warm up your inner foodie today with a few announcements about next year’s 2012 Mobile Food Rodeo.

He caught up with organizer, Ryan Reiter about the plans for their 2012 and what they are working on to improve and make this the west coast’s premiere mobile food truck festival.

Dates are set for April 28th (Spring) and September 15th (Summer) and includes a Northwest Beve Village that showcases the best in the northwest from local distilleries.

We’d love to share the details,  but you gotta head on over to Seattle Met’s tasty Nosh Pit Blog for the article.

From Seattle’s top restaurants, chefs and what’s fresh in mobile food in the northwest, check out the Nosh Pit for weekly for all the latest news.

For the full article, click here



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