Foodies Help to Raise $3,126 for Charity to Solid Ground at the Mobile Food Rodeo.

This past weekend was a big day for Seattle foodies, ushering in one of the largest collections of food trucks in the America with over 25 food trucks in one parking lot.

The food was amazing and worth those long lines. Many of you might remember, but there was more to the story for this year’s inaugural truck event. Every ticket purchased through the Stranger Tickets helped to raise money and awareness for one amazing group of folks within your community.

Thousands of people joined us for the Rodeo and helped to bring forth a great first year effort for one of Seattle’s most beloved charities, Solid Ground.

This past year alone, the Mobile Food Rodeo and our sister event, the Fremont Outdoor Movies have helped raise over $12,000 for Solid Ground combined with the help of the CoHo Team of Windemere Agents for a record breaking 2011 season.

We are proud to be able to provide a check in the amount of $3,126 dollars to Solid Ground this year. The Mobile Food Rodeo will pick another charity for 2012 in the community we host our event, so stay tuned. If you have any suggestions for next year on charities you think deserve the opportunity and support. Email us at 

2012 introduces new additions like a charity beer garden, so stay tuned and see you dollars go directly back into the community! Like to find out more about this wonderful charity and donate to their cause. Go to and click on donate today!

Our mission…

Solid Ground works to end poverty by providing services in response to community needs and by advocating for public policies and other solutions that address racism and other root causes of poverty.

Our vision…

Solid Ground believes our community can move beyond poverty and oppression to a place where all people have access to quality housing, nutritious food, equal justice and opportunities to thrive.

Our values…

Solid Ground is committed to working with compassion, integrity, accountability, creativity and an anti-oppression approach to end homelessness, hunger, inequality and other barriers to social justice. We value collaboration and leadership from the communities we serve.

Our history…

Solid Ground was founded in 1974 by community leaders and concerned citizens of one of Seattle’s then most economically devastated neighborhoods, Fremont. Originally called the Fremont Public Association, our services – emergency food bank, clothing bank, and employment program – reflected the desperate needs and determined response of a mobilized and committed neighborhood.

Solid Ground today…

As the scope and severity of homelessness and poverty have increased over the years, so too have our reach to our greater community and our range of services. Now based in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood, our 35 programs and services help more than 64,000 households each year overcome poverty and build better futures throughout King County and beyond.

Please note that Groupon ticket sales did not benefit the charity, due to the price reduction based on the terms of Groupon, it did not allow for that discounted ticket to be factored.

Charity fundraising was based on full ticket prices from Stranger Tickets and Day of Sales purchased. We greatly Thank everyone for this wonderful opportunity and look forward to 2012 Spring and Summer events.


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