SNOUT & CO. Delivers the Goods with Authentic Cuban Hash on Tomatillo Coconut Sauce

So this weekend may mark summers last stand in Seattle (when did summer even begin?). So you if your looking for something to do this weekend of the “foodie” nature, then this is your best bet for Seattle.

Ever thought of heading to Cuba for a vacation getaway? Then look no further and save yourself a ton of cash, ’cause we got a taste of Cuba right in your own backyard , Seattle and it’s $#@! good!


This weekend’s rodeo brings together  new menu item for you to taste called the Picadillo (Cuban style hash) over rice with a tostone and smoked tomatillo-coconut sauce

Come and try our mojo pork. We blend fresh citrus and spices to create this amazing style of pork that the Cubans have perfected. We will also offer our family recipe of black beans and fried plantains that are served with our smoked tomatillo-coconut sauce.

We are intrigued by the South Carolina BBQ twist to the menu. Enjoy finishing sauces at the truck such as their ancho molasses. Owner Lee Scott tells us favorite menu item is the Cuban Bowl. He notes with pride that “the black beans and rice with the mojo pork is so good, but the tostones with the smoked tomatillo coconut sauce. Well – It all ends with a smile!” – Seattlest

“Growing up with a Cuban grandmother has always given me a sense of pride. Cubans love their community and share their food with smiles” – Lee Scott – Owner of Snout & Co.


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