FOMG! Bigfood’s New Dish Delivers Duck Confit on Fluffy Flatbread

Okay, so as we get closer to the big old Rodeo (JUST DAYS AWAY!), we continue to save the best for last on what’s fresh at the big event.We have another great treat to share that is getting us hungry…yet again.

One of the newest trucks to hit the Seattle streets, as Bigfood Mobile and they are bringing their best for this weekend.

As part of the fun this weekend, they are bringing a new signature dish that offers a hefty helping of food to feed your hunger and satisfy your taste buds.


Bigfood’s special signature will offer a new twist on a favorite of ours.  Mobile food truck lovers visualize crispy, duck confit on grilled flatbread, with apple and fennel slaw, topped with currant chutney and garnished with duck crackling.

If you have eaten at their place, then you know the talent packed into this awesome truck. If you haven’t, then get your butts down to the rodeo and get eatin’. Support local and EAT YOUR FACE OFF!


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