EAT YOUR FACE OFF & ENJOY! Helpful Tips for Newbies to Mobile Food Trucks Festivals

Okay, so you bought your tickets and you’re already preparing for the big day. Like any big city, people attending large food festivals know that there will be lines expected.

It may be inevitable, but if you have dined at any of your favorite food trucks sitting curb side, then you know that these lines are part of the appeal and territory. We do have live music, the Mayor and a few fun contests lined up to keep you entertained, so hang out, enjoy and let’s make Seattle the top place to eat this weekend in America.


Tip #1 – Pick Your Trucks of Choice and Team up to Beat the Lines

It’s much easier to draw out your master plan by picking the food trucks you want most to taste most, spread out and have each friend stand in line and meet back at the eating area to sample and share. It’s much easier to spread out and tackle it together. If you love Where Ya At Matt? We strongly suggest that you head on over to the other great food trucks to take advantage of the other tasty snacks they offer.

Tip #2 – How to Sample – It Takes Teamwork! 

Every truck is doing their best to provide a smaller menu that offers you the chance to sample and taste the best of their food wagons for maximum eating on Saturday. Our hope is that you get to eat from more than one or two trucks! Food menus will be a bit cheaper for most trucks (not all).

So keep an eye out and get ready, your ultimate foodie festival is here and ready to serve you.

Tip #3 – Pace Yourself

This event goes from 12 -7pm, with all of the food trucks expected to be prepared to feed the masses. So don’t worry, you will get fed and we have designed it to accommodate thousands of people, like yourself. Enjoy and have fun!

Tip #4 – Preparing to Pay

We have three ATMS loaded for you to buy all day and will dispense $20 bills to ensure you can eat. Many of the food truks also take credit cards*, so you can choose your method of payment. Please note that the tasting tickets can only be redeemed with a cash purchase, so that it provides an “easy-to-use” payment for our vendors. If you need to pay by credit cards, then save your ticket for another purchase or give to a friend.

Tip #5 – WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO BUY A TICKET? Then be Prepared to Wait in Line and Pay Extra!

If you are one of those last minute people, then be prepared to wait and pay extra. Advance tickets are just $7 with a tasting ticket and day of sales are $10 with NO TASTING TICKET. Sorry, it’s been posted for over a month an half and can not make any exceptions. We greatly appreociate those who help us get this event up and running to ensure it can continue for the future!


1. How Do I Redeem the Tasting Tickets with my Advance Tickets purchased through the Stranger Tickets

If you purchased your ticket on STRANGER TICKETS, then you receive a $3 tasting ticket that can be redeemed at food truck. This ticket is available for tasting with CASH ORDER ONLY (Food Trucks can’t offer a split between cash and credit, so please make sure you keep that in mind. 

****If you bought  your ticket through GROUPON, these tickets do not offer a tasting ticket, due tot he great price. Please double check the restrictions and fine print on the deal you purchased****

2. What If Food Trucks Sell Out?

It’s unlikely, everyday we update each food truck on the current sales to prepare them for the lunch rush. That said, it can happen, so get there early and enjoy the day. This is your opportunity to try a bit of everything and plan your mobile food truck hunt for the future.

3. RAIN OR SHINE? Refunds?

YES, it’s a rain or shine event and NO REFUNDS at all. All rules and restrictions have been clearly posted. The weather forecast looks to be overcast with  a sprinkle of rain, but we live in Seattle, so be ready for anything, including the rain!

4. Free Parking? Carpool for the Big Event!

We have provided about 200 free parking spots along West Armory Way to take advantage of, but it’s likely to not last long. We suggest carpooling and taking pubic transportation to ensure it provides you the easiest form of travel. If you can’t find free parking, then there is convenient PAID PARKING across the street for just $5 for two hours and $10 all day long. Go to our parking page for more details and map.

Okay, see you at the Mobile Food Rodeo this weekend!


Rodeo Staff


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