FOMG! Portland Trucks Roll to Seattle at this September’s Rodeo!

OKAY SEATTLE, Enough is enough. The Mobile Food Rodeo is here to give our Emerald City the proper foodie celebration on wheels!

First Los Angeles’ LA Street Food Fest brought attention to one of the most Innovative and daringly fun foodie phenomenas in a generation. Then Portland’s changed the game with their food districts and popular EAT MOBILE event.

Now it’s Seattle’s turn to summon our “inner-foodie” and bring the next wave of mobile food trucks that are quintessentially northwest. The Mobile Food Rodeo aims to highlight the best of Seattle and finally unite the best of both worlds to one street festival this September.

With over 19 trucks in our 2011 line-up already and more on the way, it’s no wonder why Portland food trucks are joining us in Seattle for the big event with four featured trucks including Happy Grillmore, Robb’s Really Good Food, Slice Brick Oven, and Leroy’s Familiar Vittles to be at the Rodeo. Rodeo’s Chief Food Wrangler, Ryan Reiter  says this about his hometown’s curb appeal and the hope of the future of Seattle’s take on mobile food cuisine:

“Seattle has always embraced it’s “inner-foodie”, from new restaurants to farmers markets; we want to offer food lovers a proper introduction for “on-the-go” cuisine by next generation of “chef-prenuers”. This is more than just a bunch of old style chow wagons, it’s the opportunity to discover daring new concept micro-businesses packed with serious ingenuity and fun appeal”.

Don’t know about Portland’s Mobile Food Truck culture? Here’s just a “snack-of-a-teaser” of what’s cooking in Portland these days and what we hope to bring to Seattle this September.

“With more than 400 food carts selling their tasty goods within our city limits, Portland has become a destination for mobile eats. In July, Portland was named the No. 1 street food city in the world by CNN Travel, and according to, the Pacific Northwest is “doing for street food today what it did for coffee in the 1990s.”

With an annual attendance of over 2,000, Eat Mobile showcases the food, music and people that make Portland’s food scene so special.Part food festival, part cart competition, Eat Mobile allows attendees to sample from 40 of Willamette Week’s favorite food carts as vendors compete for the coveted Carty Award.” – Williamette Week


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