15 Trucks and Counting…

That’s right folks! It’s time to prepare yourself and start training your inner foodie for the ultimate gastro-celebration. There’s a new food festival in town and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you!

Seattle’s Mobile Food Rodeo aims to be the premier showcase of mobile cuisine in the Pacific Northwest. It rolls out more than 20 vehicles on Saturday, September 17th located at Interbay between Queen Anne and Magnolia.

In the enterprising tradition that made our country great in the face of adversity, there’s a new breed of young “chef-preneurs” who won’t let the economy steal their glory. Combining their innovative culinary talents with new social media technologies, like Twitter Facebook and smart phone apps, these young guns have hit the road to bring the new taste-of-the-West to a street corner near you.

This September promises to be the beginning of a whole new chapter in “foodie” pioneeering for anyone who is uninitiated; and the Rodeo will be where everyone can get a sample of the best of Seattle and Portland all in one place.

On the heels of new legislation recently passed in Seattle, mobile food kitchens are allowed to roam easier and more effectively through our streets and neighborhoods. Following the success of popular mobile food festivals, such as the LA Street Food Fest and Portland’s Eat Mobile; the Rodeo rounds up some of the best mobile street food cuisine from Seattle to Portland, for a sampling of Northwest’s most diverse menus, and the next wave of chefs and culinary treats.

In the past three years, the mobile food renaissance has jumpstarted a nouveau culinary business model, adding the concept of gourmet and mobility to the “what’s tastey” foodie lexicon. Its how ambitious and enterprising chefs over come the crushing limitations of recession to create their own unique opportunities. Seattle’s Skillet for instance, (the Airstream on a Flatbed), created a loyal following, and made the transition to a traditional upscale location in Capitol Hill with ease and no risk.

Tim Keck, Publisher of The Stranger and President of Stranger Tickets, says “I’m thrilled about being a part of this event. Seattle’s food truck culture is growing like crazy. It’s been really fun to watch it go from just a few trucks to the tricked-out universe that it is today. I’m psyched to try some of the trucks I’ve only heard about and the inclusion of Portland trucks adds a little sibling rivalry into the mix.”

Event Organizer, Ryan Reiter and Jon Hegeman bring their 30 years of community event experience ( over 1500 events!) to this new venture by saying “Seattle has always embraced it’s “inner-foodie”, from new restaurants to farmers markets; we want to offer food lovers a proper introduction for “on-the-go” cuisine. This is more than just a bunch of old style chow wagons, it’s the opportunity to discover daring new concept micro-businesses packed with serious ingenuity and fun appeal”.


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